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I think this might be the funniest thing to ever appear on Fandom_Wank.   Misha Collins has gleefully encouraged readers of his Twitter feed to embark upon a bizarre jigsaw-puzzle induced scavanger hunt.   I don't know what's better, the list of supremely silly objectives, or the fact that fans are actually going for it.  Personally, I like the bit that involves encasing a piece of the Berlin Wall in lime jello (19 points).

All links (including a link to the objectives) can be found here:  (Just in case you were wondering, it made F_W because apparently a small number of fans are taking it too seriously? That sound you just heard was me, holding an authentic rhino puzzle piece and smacking my head off the wall in exasperation at fandom weirdness.)
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Music rec of the week: Sarah Slean and NQ Arbuckle covering 'Falling Slowly'.
Man, is this ever a heartbreaker of a cover. I'm beginning to think that Neville Quinlan has a monopoly on big-hearted, generous vocals.

Happy 2011!

Jan. 1st, 2011 04:08 pm
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I have so much catching up on my flist to do, it's unbelievable. If I haven't posted comments or anything in the last two weeks though, it's because I was 1. Stuck at Heathrow airport for a week, and 2. Upon arrival in Hamilton, my computer promptly died.  2010 was pretty sucky for a variety of reasons though, so hopefully that was the apotheosis, and now 2011 will be great beyond all imagining :-) My parents and I rang in the New Year skating, with seven other random people, all strangers, down at the Bayfront Park, with giant sparklers and geese, so I think we're off to a pretty good start!
Wishing you all the best for this year, and take care!
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Watching this, you can totally see why David Thewlis was cast as Lupin:  I don't think I've ever seen another interview where the interviewee seems so laid-back, genuine and good- tempered.  Also, I love the revelations that he a) grew up in a toy shop, and b) paid his twelve-year old neighbour in Harry Potter memorabilia to tell him what happened in all of the books after the Goblet of Fire.
Ladies and gentlemen: the nicest man in showbiz?


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I have a feeling I'm going to be posting this video everywhere I can think of.  Carolyn Mark and N.Q. Arbuckle are my musical OTP forever and ever. Buckets of personality, great musical chops, and one of those spring-loaded tins of confetti.


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Dear All, Below the cut please find a very long and rambling entry inspired by the latest episode of Supernatural. There is also a comment which could be considered to be spoilery in the first paragraph. Just so you know :-) This icon is the epitome of appropriate references )
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Has anyone else seen this?  I was going to work on my photography thesaurus, but I think I might need to go to the video store instead.



Nov. 22nd, 2010 04:54 pm
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To Whom It May Concern in Transport Security in the U.K. and the U.S.A.

Re: Backscatter Machines


Distinctly unkind regards,

A Pissed-Off Citizen

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"When we go to war, we are all putting on hoods and pulling the hangman's lever. And as long as we send our armies on the rampage - whatever the justification - we will go on stringing up and shooting and chopping off the head of our 'criminals' and 'murderers' with the same enthusiasm as the Roomans who cheered on the men of blood in the Colosseum two thousand years ago."

- Robert  Fist, The Independent, 15 September, 2007
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Just watched Matt Smith on Craig Ferguson - I don't care if all the evidence says otherwise, that boy is totally from another planet in the best possible way :-)
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Man, yesterday was the nicest Sunday I've had in ages - went through to Edinburgh and met the former German Flatmate for a coffee and catch-up and general gossip about the state of things, and then piled into The Liquid Rooms amongst all of the other pensioners and teenagers and students and middle-aged folkies. I've never been to a concert where the excitement has been so palpable from the moment you walked in. GUYS, THERE WERE TEENYBOPPER FAN GIRLS SCREAMING FROM THE UNDER 18s BALCONY. AT A FOLK GIG. (Presumably they also have massive crushes on Jon Boden.  What can I say, the  man is impossibly tall, very expressive, and the sight of him playing a tambourine and what appeared to be a handheld wind tunnel simultaneously is the single most adorkable thing I HAVE EVER SEEN EVER. Sight is approximated below on Jools Holland - enjoy!)  I actually think it's really great when venues recognize that people under the legal drinking age also want to go to concerts and see live bands. More places should figure out ways of accommodating that, because it sucks to be one or two or five years under legal drinking age, and your favourite band comes to town, and you can't get in. It's especially unfair when you're a teenager who isn't really that bothered about drinking and you just want to go see your musical heroes. I'm about ten years past having to worry about it, but, you know, I'm still bitter that I never got to see Lisa Germano play at Lee's Palace.

Anyways: there was screaming and whooping and dancing, and Andy Mellon is like a trumpet-playing jack in the box, and Pete Flood threatened to give us all a fifteen minute tambourine solo ('it's written by John Cage'), and John Spiers looked like he was maybe suffering from a cold but played beautifully anyways, and Justin Thurger was dressed in what appeared to be priest's robes (maybe he is a priest? An awesome trombone-playing priest?), and Paul Sartin was all gleeful about being in Scotland:
Paul: To celebrate our first time north of the border, we're going to sing you a song about loose women!
Paul: ...followed by a song about poverty and destitution!

I'm still on a concert buzz. Perhaps it will carry over into my yet to be written essay on the state of libraries in the 21st century? Off to the library now, see you all later!



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It's noon on Halloween.  The sun is shining down on the old tenenment buildings on the other side of the back yard and on the red and yellow trees, it's lovely and crisp out, and I have just finished eating a late breakfast of toast and Nutella and tea while watching Supernatural. (As you should do on Halloween:-) If I'm not working tonight, I think I might be sitting down with popcorn and a copy of Pontypool.)  Cut for those not bothered about SPN )

Having a slow recovery from last night - I ended up picking up a last minute shift behind the bar at a Persian restaurant in the West End  Wrapped up there around 11:30, and then P. and I went out dancing on Sauchiehall Street in costume (she had massive angel wings - apparently in Italy, you can only dress up as something which is already dead-, while I was a Raymond Chandler heroine.) And the club had awesome music - when we hit the dancefloor, the entire room full of Victorian gentlemen, cowboys, mice, a full team of Ghostbusters and various forms of living dead were shaking it to Mumford and Sons, 'The Cave', And then there was Florence and the Machine, followed by Jerry Lee Lewis, and the entire club howling 'Hey Ho/Let's Go' along with the Ramones. Not a technobeat in earshot :-) And I can dance in high heels! Who knew?!

Am off to go take advantage of the sun - the big question is still to NaNo or not to NaNo. Perhaps a modified form of NaNo...Hmmm. So much to do, so much that I want to do, so little time.
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AASDJDGKL;ALKSJDFLAKS; A lovely and enterprising person has posted the whole of the movie 'Strike' on Youtube. The title is significant in more than one way, but let's just say that when the  movie starts, it's 1963 in New England, and the girls at Miss Goddard's Finishing School are less than thrilled about their school's upcoming merger with St. Ambrose's boy's school...

At some point post-theatrical release the film was retitled 'All I Wanna Do', and the box cover played up the fresh-faced leads in their candy heart coloured dresses. Presumably this was in a vain attempt to slot a niche film into a broad market.  I say vain, because what else can you do with a film whose opening credits proclaims it to be made by 'Everybody Who Worked On It'?  How do you market a film which contains firecracker dialogue, pastel colours, five leading ladies with goals, dreams, ambitions and interests other than the prom, an exploding tube of contraceptive foam and a vomiting choir?  The leads are all 90s teen queens (Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffman, Rachel Leigh Cook), but as far as I can tell, the film didn't make much of a splash upon arrival, and has remained relatively obscure. And I hate to say it, but here we go: if a film this funny, this kooky, this smart, this good had been centered around the antics of a boy's school, would it have attained teen comedy cult status by now?  I think perhaps some rehabilitation is in order here, folks...Go forth and view! 
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Rec of the day can be found here:
Because John Winchester being brought back from the dead by a bunch of teenage Goth girls is possibly the best thing to ever come out of Supernatural fandom. Now all I can think about is how much more awesome SPN would be if it were directed by Amy Heckerling.
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I have to wonder about a society that tries to censor reading material on the grounds of 'anti-family', 'nudity', and 'unsuitable for age group' (which in turn implies a very narrow conception of who graphic novels should be/are read by), but yet doesn't seem to have a problem with 'extreme violence'...

On the plus side of my day: I MET MIKE LEIGH AND HE IS AWESOME.  I went to a preview screening of his new film, 'Another Year', at the GFT. The film was really moving, sad and funny and compassionate and generous, and there was a  Q and A afterwards. (He gave as indepth an answer to what his favourite yoghurt is as he did to questions about his filmmaking process.)  And when I made it out into the lobby, he was standing over by the side of the wall, putting on his scarf like any other pensioner, so I toddled over to him and said somethng like 'Thank you for making such good movies', and he was super-nice, and I've been all 'aaaaahhhhh' about it for the rest of the evening. He really was exactly the way you'd expect him to be from the films that he makes, and that just makes me...really happy, I guess. It's good to see good people making good art, and that art being recognized as something not just beneficial but integral to sociey. Inspiring in the best possible way.
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SPN 6x04

Oct. 18th, 2010 01:36 pm
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Oh boy, you guys, I think my show might be back! *dances up and down*  Weekend at Bobby's felt like a cross between a Season 2 outtake and a really fun fanfic. The whole show was basically Bobby and Rufus snarking at each other, and everyone being awesome. Tense, funny, poking fun at itself - this is what I got into Supernatural to watch. Jim Beaver carried the whole thing effortlessly, and major kudos to Jensen Ackles for directing the best episode of SPN in forever and a half. The pacing was tight, the comic timing was spot-on, the episode was consistently entertaining, and everyone looked like they were having a blast.  I suppose it's too much to hope that this will continue - next week we'll be back to the 'Apocalypse Now: Everybody Mope Redux", but in the meantime, I think they ought to give all of the stand-alone episodes  to Mr. Ackles to direct, since he's pretty darn good at it.

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Oh dear. After that class in Marketing and Management and utterly failing* both Information Retrieval and Stats lab practicals this week, I'm beginning to worry that I'm not practical enough to be a librarian. Currently attempting to write an essay comparing and contrasting traditional and digital library services, which I think I have to rein in a bit. I keep going off on tangents about 'what is a library' , and how you can't separate digital and physical services, particularly when a digital library is hosted by a physical institution, and explore whether the tension about technology in library services ultimately lies in the fact that when you talk about library services, you're not just talking about the nuts and bolts of customer service/strategic planning, you're talking about an entire value system based around concepts of knowledge, and who should control it and who should have access to it. And I want to squish both Alberto Manguel and Ray Bradbury in there somewhere. The theoretical tangles are so much more interesting to write about than the straightforward social sciences report that the lecturer seems to want.

Although he did say that he wanted to be surprised. Dangerous words when you're speaking to an ex-Humanities and alternative school student, my friend. You say 'surprise me', and I say, "Let me show you my interpretive dance version of why Google Book Search is controversial! I have ribbons and quotes from Robert Darnton!"

Since Robert Darnton, is, in fact, fairly awesome, I may actually just spare you the interpretive dance, and let you go mull over this quote instead:
     "The people at Google find the m-word objectionable. To spare their sensitivity, one could speak of a hegemonic, financially unbeatable, technologically unassailable, and legally invulnerable enterprise that can crush all competition. But in plain English, Google Book Search is a monopoly." (Robert Darnton, The Case for Books  New York: Public Affairs, 2009; p. 45)

Now: lunch, and then back to the essay. Hope you're all well in the meantime and take care!

*Not literally since they're not marked, but if they had been? *shudder and cringe* Math is the bane of my life we hates it, we hates it, my precious auuuuuggggh.

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To NaNo or not to NaNo, that is the question. And if so, on which project? Dear Brain, why do you suck so much at actually completing projects? Grr. I'll be over here with my coffee, plotting in all senses of the word.
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In between the bad poetry and the funding applications, there is other writing happening - one meta, one fanfic, one (continued) original.(Well, three continued originals, and vague thoughts of a Halloween ghost story fluttering about temptingly in the back of my head, but we shall see...too many words, too little focus, obviously.)  I've decided that this? Is the year that I become a writer. As a lifestyle if not in any other respect. Wish me luck as you flee from the avalanche of my unfinished scrawlings. 
 (Also, does anyone else's year start in September, or is it just me? I blame a lifetime of educational timetables.) Whatever. Here are some words.

On Fandom Mortification )




Untitled SPN fic; pre-series, gen )



Louise is lost at the canyon, or, the interminable NaNo part ? )






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