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I think this might be the funniest thing to ever appear on Fandom_Wank.   Misha Collins has gleefully encouraged readers of his Twitter feed to embark upon a bizarre jigsaw-puzzle induced scavanger hunt.   I don't know what's better, the list of supremely silly objectives, or the fact that fans are actually going for it.  Personally, I like the bit that involves encasing a piece of the Berlin Wall in lime jello (19 points).

All links (including a link to the objectives) can be found here:  (Just in case you were wondering, it made F_W because apparently a small number of fans are taking it too seriously? That sound you just heard was me, holding an authentic rhino puzzle piece and smacking my head off the wall in exasperation at fandom weirdness.)
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Dear All, Below the cut please find a very long and rambling entry inspired by the latest episode of Supernatural. There is also a comment which could be considered to be spoilery in the first paragraph. Just so you know :-) This icon is the epitome of appropriate references )
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Just to reiterate my latest Tumblr post -  WHY DOES THIS WEEK SUCK SO MUCH? BECAUSE THIS WEEK DOES SUCK.  ACROSS THE BOARD. FOR PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE I KNOW.  It sucks like a hoover about to blow its fan belt, like a really big fucking mosquito who I just want to swat out of existence, like a really, really, really bad simile.  Seriously, was there some sort of god-placating cermony that we all totally missed out on?  I live in Scotland; maybe I should have been spending my week building a Wicker Man instead of being polite to library patrons with entitlement issues.  And then we could have burnt them all with fire!!!!  And toasted marshmallows while we were at it.....The one bright spot of my week was actually my awesome co-worker randomly buying everyone Mars Bars on his break, because he's that nice of a guy. So, that did not suck.  BUT EVERYTHING ELSE DID. 

Ah fuck it, I'm going to bed now. Wake me up when it's the weekend.

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I stayed up last night working on a short story (location: Toronto on Christmas Eve; what is it about the heights of summer that makes me want to write about the depths of winter?), and, sometime around two o'clock, I realised that I essentially write the same characters over and over again in different guises. *headdesk*
Poll time:  Am I:
                   a)  exceedingly limited in my imagination?
                   b) a genius auteur?
                   c) a slightly less than genius auteur?
                   d) oh, look! fanfic!

Also, today's terrible joke, courtesy of my father:

                   HIM: Have you seen Stevie Wonder's new piano?
                   HIM: That's okay, neither has he.

I find this inexplicably cheering.


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