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Music rec of the week: Sarah Slean and NQ Arbuckle covering 'Falling Slowly'.
Man, is this ever a heartbreaker of a cover. I'm beginning to think that Neville Quinlan has a monopoly on big-hearted, generous vocals.
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I have a feeling I'm going to be posting this video everywhere I can think of.  Carolyn Mark and N.Q. Arbuckle are my musical OTP forever and ever. Buckets of personality, great musical chops, and one of those spring-loaded tins of confetti.


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Man, yesterday was the nicest Sunday I've had in ages - went through to Edinburgh and met the former German Flatmate for a coffee and catch-up and general gossip about the state of things, and then piled into The Liquid Rooms amongst all of the other pensioners and teenagers and students and middle-aged folkies. I've never been to a concert where the excitement has been so palpable from the moment you walked in. GUYS, THERE WERE TEENYBOPPER FAN GIRLS SCREAMING FROM THE UNDER 18s BALCONY. AT A FOLK GIG. (Presumably they also have massive crushes on Jon Boden.  What can I say, the  man is impossibly tall, very expressive, and the sight of him playing a tambourine and what appeared to be a handheld wind tunnel simultaneously is the single most adorkable thing I HAVE EVER SEEN EVER. Sight is approximated below on Jools Holland - enjoy!)  I actually think it's really great when venues recognize that people under the legal drinking age also want to go to concerts and see live bands. More places should figure out ways of accommodating that, because it sucks to be one or two or five years under legal drinking age, and your favourite band comes to town, and you can't get in. It's especially unfair when you're a teenager who isn't really that bothered about drinking and you just want to go see your musical heroes. I'm about ten years past having to worry about it, but, you know, I'm still bitter that I never got to see Lisa Germano play at Lee's Palace.

Anyways: there was screaming and whooping and dancing, and Andy Mellon is like a trumpet-playing jack in the box, and Pete Flood threatened to give us all a fifteen minute tambourine solo ('it's written by John Cage'), and John Spiers looked like he was maybe suffering from a cold but played beautifully anyways, and Justin Thurger was dressed in what appeared to be priest's robes (maybe he is a priest? An awesome trombone-playing priest?), and Paul Sartin was all gleeful about being in Scotland:
Paul: To celebrate our first time north of the border, we're going to sing you a song about loose women!
Paul: ...followed by a song about poverty and destitution!

I'm still on a concert buzz. Perhaps it will carry over into my yet to be written essay on the state of libraries in the 21st century? Off to the library now, see you all later!



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OH CAPTAIN BEEFHEART SINGING 'HER EYES ARE A BLUE MILLION MILES' WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE?  Er, other than in my parents' record collection, that is. It's slightly galling to admit that one's parents are far cooler than one will ever be. This is why I'm giving into total geekdom and becoming a librarian. And, in aid of this venture,  my life is currently revolving around the insane packing and repacking of  bags and cardboard boxes - I'm  blowing this popsicle stand for the pretty city of Glasgow 40 minutes down the road.  I'm still greatly amused by the Glasgow/Edinburgh divide known as the Irn Bru Curtain. This will possibly never get old. I have yet to find somewhere to live, but my Library Sciences course at the University of Strathclyde begins at the end of the month. I should probably stop listening to 70s psychedelic WTF rock and get cracking on living arrangments and men with vans, right?

How are all of you? *hugs*
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How sweet is this music video?  The influences of retro jazz + French New Wave + Woody Allen are all conspiring to make me schmoopy.



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Dear Neville Quinlan,
For your mean songwriting skills, your raspy voice, your sense of humor, and your vaguely atrocious collection of Western shirts, I would happily marry you.
That's all.
*heart heart heart heart heart* (everyone go listen to N.Q. Arbuckle now; I reccomend Youtubing 'Officer Down' (with Carolyn Mark), 'X O K',  and 'I Liked You Right From the Start'.)

Exhibit A

May. 29th, 2010 02:34 pm
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Do we need any further proof that Natalie Merchant is the most expressive person in pop today? I don't think that we do.

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I've become addicted to Joan Osborne's most recent album, Little Wild One.  I think she's the only singer I've ever heard who can make yodelling sound sexy. Seriously. She's hotter than Texas in August and this album is made of vast amounts of country/rock/pop win.  There's a couple of songs I skip over (er, not so big on 'Cathedrals' as a song in general), but I think that much of this album is going to be the soundtrack to the summer. Especially if the weather stays like this. Today was sunny. Today was scorchingly hot. This is not normal for Britain. The end is nigh. At least there's good music.

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