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It's noon on Halloween.  The sun is shining down on the old tenenment buildings on the other side of the back yard and on the red and yellow trees, it's lovely and crisp out, and I have just finished eating a late breakfast of toast and Nutella and tea while watching Supernatural. (As you should do on Halloween:-) If I'm not working tonight, I think I might be sitting down with popcorn and a copy of Pontypool.)  Cut for those not bothered about SPN )

Having a slow recovery from last night - I ended up picking up a last minute shift behind the bar at a Persian restaurant in the West End  Wrapped up there around 11:30, and then P. and I went out dancing on Sauchiehall Street in costume (she had massive angel wings - apparently in Italy, you can only dress up as something which is already dead-, while I was a Raymond Chandler heroine.) And the club had awesome music - when we hit the dancefloor, the entire room full of Victorian gentlemen, cowboys, mice, a full team of Ghostbusters and various forms of living dead were shaking it to Mumford and Sons, 'The Cave', And then there was Florence and the Machine, followed by Jerry Lee Lewis, and the entire club howling 'Hey Ho/Let's Go' along with the Ramones. Not a technobeat in earshot :-) And I can dance in high heels! Who knew?!

Am off to go take advantage of the sun - the big question is still to NaNo or not to NaNo. Perhaps a modified form of NaNo...Hmmm. So much to do, so much that I want to do, so little time.
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I have to wonder about a society that tries to censor reading material on the grounds of 'anti-family', 'nudity', and 'unsuitable for age group' (which in turn implies a very narrow conception of who graphic novels should be/are read by), but yet doesn't seem to have a problem with 'extreme violence'...

On the plus side of my day: I MET MIKE LEIGH AND HE IS AWESOME.  I went to a preview screening of his new film, 'Another Year', at the GFT. The film was really moving, sad and funny and compassionate and generous, and there was a  Q and A afterwards. (He gave as indepth an answer to what his favourite yoghurt is as he did to questions about his filmmaking process.)  And when I made it out into the lobby, he was standing over by the side of the wall, putting on his scarf like any other pensioner, so I toddled over to him and said somethng like 'Thank you for making such good movies', and he was super-nice, and I've been all 'aaaaahhhhh' about it for the rest of the evening. He really was exactly the way you'd expect him to be from the films that he makes, and that just makes me...really happy, I guess. It's good to see good people making good art, and that art being recognized as something not just beneficial but integral to sociey. Inspiring in the best possible way.
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OH CAPTAIN BEEFHEART SINGING 'HER EYES ARE A BLUE MILLION MILES' WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE?  Er, other than in my parents' record collection, that is. It's slightly galling to admit that one's parents are far cooler than one will ever be. This is why I'm giving into total geekdom and becoming a librarian. And, in aid of this venture,  my life is currently revolving around the insane packing and repacking of  bags and cardboard boxes - I'm  blowing this popsicle stand for the pretty city of Glasgow 40 minutes down the road.  I'm still greatly amused by the Glasgow/Edinburgh divide known as the Irn Bru Curtain. This will possibly never get old. I have yet to find somewhere to live, but my Library Sciences course at the University of Strathclyde begins at the end of the month. I should probably stop listening to 70s psychedelic WTF rock and get cracking on living arrangments and men with vans, right?

How are all of you? *hugs*
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Man, today was stuck in Chumpsville. Here's hoping the rest of the week picks up sharpish.

AWOL Alert

Aug. 15th, 2010 03:10 am
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Actor Girl has arrived from Toronto!! We're off to do festival-y things and drink lots of coffee and get lots of writing done in between and around my new job (starts on Monday, temp contract with the local authorities, should be full-time work for at least two months, which is a-ok in my book),...So - probably won't be around too much over the next couple of weeks, but hope everyone's August turns out to be looooovely, and take care,
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Just to reiterate my latest Tumblr post -  WHY DOES THIS WEEK SUCK SO MUCH? BECAUSE THIS WEEK DOES SUCK.  ACROSS THE BOARD. FOR PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE I KNOW.  It sucks like a hoover about to blow its fan belt, like a really big fucking mosquito who I just want to swat out of existence, like a really, really, really bad simile.  Seriously, was there some sort of god-placating cermony that we all totally missed out on?  I live in Scotland; maybe I should have been spending my week building a Wicker Man instead of being polite to library patrons with entitlement issues.  And then we could have burnt them all with fire!!!!  And toasted marshmallows while we were at it.....The one bright spot of my week was actually my awesome co-worker randomly buying everyone Mars Bars on his break, because he's that nice of a guy. So, that did not suck.  BUT EVERYTHING ELSE DID. 

Ah fuck it, I'm going to bed now. Wake me up when it's the weekend.

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So much to post about, so little time! Longer letter later, folks, I'm currently trying to get my life sorted out (but it's all practicalities ala moving house and job-searching rather than mental wibbling, so it's all good :-)  )  Really just dropping a quick line to say hi to all, and although I've been lousy at commenting lately, I have been reading with as much enjoyment as ever!  Please keep up the lively, engaging, thoughtful posts o flist!
xo me

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Overheard at a politics end of term party at a university which shall remain nameless:

Lecturer: So you have to strategically pull out blocks without dismantling the whole system...  It's fascinating. it's like a visual representation of East German economics.
Grad Student:...Actually, Patrick, I think it might just be Jenga.
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Occasionally I forget that other people don't hold the same views as I do. And then I go onto LJ, and try to understand where other people are coming from. Sometimes I get it and and I think about my own perspective a bit more, or sometimes I happily agree to disagree, because people are interesting, and I don't necessarily want to hang out with people who have the exact same take on things as I do. I think that we tend to gravitate towards folk with similar world views, particularly on all of the big things,  but I also think that we need to consider a variety of perspectives in order to really engage with the world and the people in it, and to meet and make friends with people who you wouldn't click with at first glance. It's important to try to find points of contact, similarities, unexpected likings for specific cheeses and tv shows, and unexpected irritations, like getting stuck on the pavement behind people who walk slowly ("I could walk faster than this with two broken legs GRAAAAAAR!!!!")
On the other hand, there is a limit.  Sometimes I just think, 'Uh, no. Your world view and logic is so far removed from mine that you might as well be in Antarctica. Although Antarctica probably wouldn't thank me for saying that.'

I'm still working out what my dealbreakers are - anyone else want to share?


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