Jul. 9th, 2010

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Just stayed up far too late watching the remake of The Wolfman.  It's gleefully cheesy and Hammer Horroresque, to the point of pastiche.
Hugo Weaving got all of the best lines, and had all of the best reaction shots while  Anthony Hopkins phoned his performance in from the depths of the Welsh mountains, and then presumably went back to his painting. Benicio Del Toro was suitably tortured and brooding, and, incidentally, head-deskingly dull.  Emily Blunt wept until the Library Goddess and I  threw popcorn and screamed with bloodthirsty enthusiasm, "RIP GWEN'S HEAD OFF!"  The puddle that was Gwen's character did nothing to detract from the fact that Emily Blunt looks fantastic in period clothing; someone should pass a bylaw which proscribes her from going out wearing anything post 1900. 
Some neat shots and camera work, but I think that rather than thinking of it as a remake of the Lon Chaney original, it might be better to think of it as the sort of product that Hammer would have turned out if they'd had just a little bit more of a budget. Impossible to take seriously on any level, and full of gore and sillyness (the London sequence had a particularly nice balance between pacing and tongue in cheek humor). One to watch with popcorn and friends who will provide a Mystery Science Theatre running commentary.  And now to bed.
Night night.


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