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It's noon on Halloween.  The sun is shining down on the old tenenment buildings on the other side of the back yard and on the red and yellow trees, it's lovely and crisp out, and I have just finished eating a late breakfast of toast and Nutella and tea while watching Supernatural. (As you should do on Halloween:-) If I'm not working tonight, I think I might be sitting down with popcorn and a copy of Pontypool.)  This season got off to a rocky start, but it's having moments of greatness tucked away in the wonky, and this week's moment of greatness was Lisa. Full stop. Excellent writing, excellent acting. *flails about the phone scene* This is how you write strong female characters. I love it, I love it that she makes it clear that she won't be fobbed off with half-assed answers, and  that she'll walk rather than keep herself and Ben in a vulnerable situation.  I love it that she makes it clear that she still cares about Dean, and that not once on the phone is she deliberately unkind or vicious, but that she doesn't ever once say 'I didn't mean that', because why should she, when she's right? I  love the fact that Dean's half of the conversation is so completely real; that he says all the things that people say when they know they're responsible for creating a situation and have only themselves to blame, but when they can't come right out and say it.  Heck, I love the fact that Dean doesn't even try to excuse his own behaviour towards them. This is just, argh - SCENE I LOVE YOU.  Scenes like this are really what I keep watching SPN for. In amongst the cracktastic/bad fanfic angstfest, every so often there are scenes which just knock it clean out of the ball park, writing-wise, and I keep hoping that one day there will actually be an entire episode composed of excellent writing. Most of the episodes are fun in some capacity, but it's frustrating when you look at the standards that the show can reach...
Although I do have to say that having a cat goddess acting as the Winchester boys' personal therapist was also pretty funny. Cracktastic in the best possible, 'throw up your hands and sit back and enjoy the ride' sort of way.

Having a slow recovery from last night - I ended up picking up a last minute shift behind the bar at a Persian restaurant in the West End  Wrapped up there around 11:30, and then P. and I went out dancing on Sauchiehall Street in costume (she had massive angel wings - apparently in Italy, you can only dress up as something which is already dead-, while I was a Raymond Chandler heroine.) And the club had awesome music - when we hit the dancefloor, the entire room full of Victorian gentlemen, cowboys, mice, a full team of Ghostbusters and various forms of living dead were shaking it to Mumford and Sons, 'The Cave', And then there was Florence and the Machine, followed by Jerry Lee Lewis, and the entire club howling 'Hey Ho/Let's Go' along with the Ramones. Not a technobeat in earshot :-) And I can dance in high heels! Who knew?!

Am off to go take advantage of the sun - the big question is still to NaNo or not to NaNo. Perhaps a modified form of NaNo...Hmmm. So much to do, so much that I want to do, so little time.
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