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AASDJDGKL;ALKSJDFLAKS; A lovely and enterprising person has posted the whole of the movie 'Strike' on Youtube. The title is significant in more than one way, but let's just say that when the  movie starts, it's 1963 in New England, and the girls at Miss Goddard's Finishing School are less than thrilled about their school's upcoming merger with St. Ambrose's boy's school...

At some point post-theatrical release the film was retitled 'All I Wanna Do', and the box cover played up the fresh-faced leads in their candy heart coloured dresses. Presumably this was in a vain attempt to slot a niche film into a broad market.  I say vain, because what else can you do with a film whose opening credits proclaims it to be made by 'Everybody Who Worked On It'?  How do you market a film which contains firecracker dialogue, pastel colours, five leading ladies with goals, dreams, ambitions and interests other than the prom, an exploding tube of contraceptive foam and a vomiting choir?  The leads are all 90s teen queens (Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffman, Rachel Leigh Cook), but as far as I can tell, the film didn't make much of a splash upon arrival, and has remained relatively obscure. And I hate to say it, but here we go: if a film this funny, this kooky, this smart, this good had been centered around the antics of a boy's school, would it have attained teen comedy cult status by now?  I think perhaps some rehabilitation is in order here, folks...Go forth and view! 
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